NBA playoff in live series


NBA live is one of the famous game created by EA sports and the game is series of basketball video game which is released annually. The game remains successor to EA mainly because the every series of the game is developed with their previous released version. For NBA live series NBA playoff is the previous series, generally the NBA live version of the game competes with NBA 2K and NBA shootout.

The NBA playoffs series is predecessor of NBA live and the game is featured with Lakers VS Celtics which was released for MC-DOS compatible PCs. In this series the game is played from horizontal view in next version of game series NBA live mobile game it is played in the isometric view. The game became more popular mainly due to their special features added to the latest version.

Initially the game starts with animated character of real players which makes the players to choose their favorite sports man as his player. In later version the game is updated with real players along with their signature moves which in turn made the players to remain addicted towards the NBA live mobile games.

There are famous sixteen players available in the game initially the player can select only eight teams among the all, rest of them need to unlock in higher levels. The game resemble the real basketball tournament similar to that in the game play also conduct several tournaments, daily matches and yearly Olympic basketball spinoff games.

Features updated to the NBA live mobile games

There are several features updated in NBA live mobile games from its previous series versions which are listed below.

  • The NBA live game is a first game featured with practice mode and multiple season play.
  • The NBA Live series includes all star legends team which includes some biggest players of fifty’s and ninety’s decades.
  • These teams can be used instantly by the player as regular team player.
  • The famous and successful teams can be used only when the player unlocked them.
  • The players in the team would be changing at each level and new players are included in higher levels of the game.
  • NBA live weekend play includes rookie challenge, three point shootout, slam dunk contest and free style challenge with 2 players.
  • A special feature named dynamic DNA is added. It remains to be the first concept of daily update changing tendencies, rosters and hot-cold streaks.
  • The NBA live mobile games are made free to play.

All the above features made players stick with the NBA live mobile game and to the extent most of the player eager to unlock the higher levels. In order to do that some player play continuously in normal way some players use additional sources such as nba live mobile hack tool which enable them to get more points which can be used to unlock the team. Since the game supported to iOS and android mobiles it made easy for the players to play.

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